Hello everybody and thank you for checking out thedailyspotlight.com, your one stop source for quick spotlights on all things Sports, Wrestling, Entertainment and so much more.  Our easy to navigate site will direct you to the right place that best suits your interests with updates to every section of our site each week and a daily update to the site each and every day!  Each post with focus on a variety of topics honing in on both the highlights and lowlights of each.

Sports:  The sports section of our site is dedicated to bring you up to speed on all things sports. Whether it be an upcoming game, fantasy sports and analysis of the biggest sports teams and stories, it will all be covered in the sports section of thedailyspotlight.com

The Spotlight on Today’s Sports: Each day there will be a spotlight on Today’s sports.  Whether it be the start of the NBA playoffs, a great pitching match-up or a game you won’t want to miss, I’ve got you covered on The Spotlight On today’s Sports.

The Spotlight Sports Pick of the Day: Perhaps, you’re someone who likes to make their sports a little more interesting?  We specialize in picking NFL games against the spread.  Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, be sure to check this section for your NFL games against the spread.  We pick every primetime game as well as 7 picks a week.  In the 2015 season so far we are 54-21 through 10 weeks for a redculous 72% winning percentage.

Wrestling:  As a lifelong wrestling fan I follow the WWE product religiously and this section of the site is sure to reflect that.  Whether its the monthly pay per view, a top news story  or perhaps an obscure Wrestling product from past or present, you’ll find it all here in the wrestling section of thedailyspotlight.com.  Every Monday, I update this part of the site with a “The Week Ahead For WWE”, this is your one stop source for everything happening in the week ahead in the world of WWE.

– The Spotlight On Wrestling Podcasts:  Every Wednesday in the wrestling section of thedailyspotlight.com there will be reviews and the best of wrestling podcasts.  With hour plus long commutes to and from work, I tend to listen to quite a few podcasts each week.  From Stone Cold Steve Austin to Chris jericho the wrestling podcast world is blowing up and at times can be a little overwhelming.  With the spotlight on wrestling podcasts, you’ll know which podcasts to make sure you check out on the week ahead. In the interest of accessibility, I will only be reviewing free podcasts readily available to everyone free of charge.

– The Spotlight On Raw:  Every Tuesday at thedailyspotlight.com there will be a spotlight shining bright on the night before’s Monday Night Raw.  Raw has been a staple of my Monday Night every week since it’s launch back in 1993.  That said, at over 3 hours every week, Raw can be quite a commitment.  With the spotlight on raw, you’ll know what highlights  to go out of your way to watch.

The Spotlight On The WWE Network: Ever since the WWE Network launched in February of 2014, I’ve glady been paying $9.99 each month for my network access.  With the accessibility of the network I’m able to watch it while at the gym, while waiting on the dunkin donuts line or while getting read for bed.   Every Saturday on thedailyspotlight.com I’ll breakdown something I watched on the Network the week prior.  Whether it be the latest episode of original programming like countdown or perhaps an old favorite from the on demand section of the network, everything is fair game in the spotlight on the WWE Network.

Entertainment:  Whether it be a favorite TV show, a brand new movie or a live show, you never know what will pop up in the entertainment section of thedailyspotlight.com.

Travel:  If there’s one thing that’s great about my day job, it’s that I get a lot of time off.  This has been great because over the last year my girlfriend and I have been everywhere from Turks and Caicos to DisneyWorld to Wrestlemania 31.  The travel section of thedailyspotlight.com will be your source for spotlights on different vacation spots, events and landmarks throughout the world. Travel Tuesdays here on the site will be your day to expect a feature on Traveling each week.

Reviews:  Similar to the Easter Eggs section of a DVD, the reviews section of thedailyspotlight.com will focus on anything from restaruants to products to live concerts & shows and everything in between that may not fit into the other sections of this site.  Every Thursday on thedailyspotlght.com is your time to expect a review.

The Daily Spotlight: A running blog on the life of head writer Tommy On The Spot.  There are times where random thoughts and two cents don’t need a full dedicated post.  Keep up with all of the happenings in Tommy’s life and get the inside track of what you can expect on thedailyspotlight.com

Spotlight Video:  Perhaps reading just isn’t your thing.  That’s ok we got you covered.  Launching Thanksgiving Day and updating throughout the week and every weekend, Tommy On The Spot will be uploading a variety of videos through youtube (and embedded here on the site) that will act as great companion pieces to the articles you love most on the site.  Want to see what the indoor ski resort looks like at the Mall Of The Emirates in Dubai?  Want to join Tommy for a discussion of his famous football picks?  Those are just small samples of what you can expect each week on the spotlight videos channel.

So sit back, relax and welcome to thedailyspotlight family!  Please feel free to offer feedback, comments or suggestions of something you may want the spotlight to shine bright on.  I’d also encourage you to subscribe so that you can receive emails and push notifications every time a spotlight hits the internet.


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