The Spotlight On The WWE Network- Culture Shock

This past week WWE launched its latest original programming for the WWE Network entitled Culture Shock. The idea behind the show is the Corey Graves will be visiting a variety of different landmarks unrelated to WWE that fans may be interested in. I for one was interested in checking it out and here are some highlights & lowlights from the premier episode. 


1) Corey Graves- Im really glad that WWE has decided to allow Corey Graves to try his hand at different gigs within the company now that his injuries have ended his in ring career. Corey Graves has a unique charisma that is a breath of fresh air to the commentary team. That isn’t an indictmeNt on the rest of the commentary team but more of praise for Graves. He isn’t like your everyday commentator in that he has tatooes and he has a cool factor to him. He’s the perfect host for this show because he’s someone that fans would look at and think “If Corey thinks this place is cool than the place is probably pretty cool!” 

2) The Concept- I really enjoy this concept as I think it’s interesting. Being someone who really likes going to WWE events in different cities because I’m able to then turn that event into a mini vacation with my girlfriend, I also found this useful. I’ve constantly found myself wondering “well WWE is in Dallas for Wrestlemania 32, what other non wrestling related places can I take my girlfriend that she’d be interested in?” 

3. Marvel Headquarters- I live in Queens, New York and I had no idea that the Marvel Comics headquarters was in New York City! This is a fun look as to how the comics are made and how busy different times of the year can be for the people at Marvel. 


1) 9 minutes?!?!- when the show started, Corey Graves says “I’m Corey Graves, this is Culture Shock, let’s have a little fun!” Well I was just starting to have a little fun when the show abruptly ended out of nowhere! I hope this was just a sneak peak and that future episodes will at least be a full half hour. If there’s not enough content in the place Corey visited then string a few together in one place. Maybe add a place Corey ate or have him review a movie, the point is that 9 minutes is too short, if it’s that short, they oughta put Culture Shock in the Quick Hits section of the network.

2) The Places don’t have to be so random- Maybe it’s just me but I think it would be cool to have Corey visit places that WWE is either heading to the next week or places that WWE was just at. If you watch Raw & WWE is live from San Franisco then it would be cool to have Corey walking along the Golden Gate Bridge, for example. WWE hasn’t been in New York in at least a month so it almost seems out of place to have Graves review a New York landmark. 

3) More than WWE- It was great to see a Hurricane shout out as he’s related to both WWE & superheroes. That said, if the focus of this show is to be about the place that Corey is visiting, there should be a lot more he can talk about other than WWE. He didn’t even get into any of the Marvel films and the Avengers 2 is coming out next week. 

Regardless, I suggest checking out Culture Shock and I have hope for this show moving forward. Next week on the spotlight on the WWE Network we’ll take a look at the “True Giants” documentary in the Beyond The Ring section of the Network. 


The Spotlight Sports Pick Of The Day- 4/25/15

Spotlight Sports Pick Of The Day- Atlanta Hawks (-2.5) 

Remember what I said abt game 3s when the oddsmakers have no choice but to make the spread smaller in favor of the better team? This one is tough but too tempting to pass up on. The Hawks are out to prove they were no fluke and have been able to take care of business at home. I’ve been waiting for the Nets to show their heart but so far they just haven’t. I’ll take the Hawks especially at less than a three pointer. 

Record- 3-1

The Spotlight On Today’s Sports- 4/25/2015

After a day off to prepare for my trip to Orlando, Florida flying out of New York… I am back looking at our top three highlights in the world of sports for today, Saturday April 25th, 2015. I’m updating live from Laguardia Airport, here we go! 

1) New York, New York- Last night the New York Mets’ impressive 11 game game winning streak came to an abrupt end when the New York Yankees defeated the Mets 6-1 at Yankee Stadium. Today the Mets look to answer back when their Superstar Pitcher, Matt Harvey takes the mound! It will be interesting to see how to Mets respond to the loss and if they can push the series to a decisive game tomorrow night for bragging rights of New York!

2) One More For The Coliseum- Today the New York Islanders & Washington Capitals will be playing game six live from the Nassau Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum. This is the final year in which the Isles will be playing at the Coliseum & with the Isles down 3-2 in their best of seven series, this could be their final game ever at Nassau Coliseum. The New York Rangers await the winner of this series. 

3) Sweep City?- On the Basketball side of things today, two teams will be looking to avoid getting swept, both the New Orleans Pelicans & the Milwaukee Bucks. The good news for both teams is that they’re both home, the bad news is that they both may just be delaying the inevitable as no team in NBA history has come back from a 3-0 deficit. 

That’s going to do it for me but I hope everyone enjoys a big sports weekend. Be sure to check out my Spotlight Sports Pick Of The Day as I’m already 3-1!

The Spotlight Sports Pick of the Day

Spotlight Sports Pick Of The Day: Chicago Bulls (-3) 

One of my favorite plays is game 3 of the NBA Playoffs when the better seed goes up 2-0.  Oddsmakers have no choice but to make that team a much lower favorite because they’re now the away team. Truth is though if a team is a better team than they’ll find a way to win even on the road. I went with the Bulls because I think they’re so well coached that I don’t see them getting caught on the road… 3 points is also a gift so take it and run. 

Record (2-1) 

The Spotlight On Today’s Sports- 4/23/2015

Another day another busy day of sports filled with a slate of baseball games, four playoff hockey games & three playoff basketball games. Let’s get into three highlights to keep an eye on today.

1) AD comes home-  The big story of the day on the basketball side of things is that tonight Anthony Davis will play his first ever home playoff game. Even further, today marks the first ever playoff game for the New Orleans Pelicans. While Anthony Davis has ascended into the top five players in the league status this season, it will all be for naught if that New Orleans crowd can’t will the Pelicans onto victory. If not, we can quickly be looking at a sweep for the Golden State Warriors.

2) Stayin Alive?!?!- Tonight of the four hockey games being played two of them feature teams facing that dreaded elimination game. Both the Calgary Flames & the Chicago Blackhawks have the opportunity to move on and join the Anaheim Ducks in the next round of the playoffs.  To do so, however, they’ll both have to do so in Vancouver & Nashville respectively. 

3) Natitude Alive?!?!- While the story of the National League East this season has been the hot start of the New York Mets, and with good reason, perhaps as big a story has been the lukewarm start to the season for the Washington Nationals. Pegged as the odds odd favorites to win the World Series, the Nationals have stumbled out to a 7-8 record to start the season plagued with injuries and lackluster defense. The Nationals have an opportunity to get back on track and back to .500 this season when they play the Cardinals later today at our nation’s Capitol. The Cardinals have, no doubt, had the Nationals number in recent years so it would be good for the Nats to win a series against a first place team and a rival at that. Lucky for the Nationals is that they’ll have their ace, Max Scherzer on the mound. Not as lucky as that he’ll be opposed by impressive, young flamethrower Michael Wacha. 

That’s going to do it for our Spotlight on Sports for today, feel free to check out our spotlight sports pick of the day, if you’re someone who likes to make their games a little more interesting.