Memorial Day Weekend, NBA Insanity & More- The Daily Spotlight for 5/31

Hello once again boys and girls.  Fresh off memorial day weekend, it is great to be back here with each and every one of you as the daily spotlight returns.  I couldn’t be happier today as I’m working out of queens today which chops my commute by over 2 and half hours as opposed to Brooklyn and this also allowed me to sleep an additional 2 hours so my overall quality of life as well as my mood as through the roof!   Memorial Day weekend was really quite enjoyable for me, albeit a bit of a recharge weekend.  I do hope that all who celebrated and had a nice weekend, took a minute to think about the men and women currently protecting our freedom overseas as well as those who lost their lives making that same ultimate sacrifice.  At the end of the day, these men and women are the reason why memorial day is such an important day of the year.

–  My girlfriend and I hosted two barbecues with family and friends over the weekend on both Sunday and Monday.  It was of course a little tough for me personally being the first memorial day without my dad.  He used to really look forward to memorial day as he deemed it the unofficial kickoff of summer and would plan different dishes for the grill weeks prior to the event.  They say that every first when losing a loved one is tough and they aren’t lying.  In any event, the first of the two barbecues included two friends who we hadn’t seen in over a year.  For me, it’s always great catching up with old friends especially when it’s so hard this day in age to make time to simply hang out and get on the same schedules.  What’s great about these guys, and so many of my friends really, is that we can take such a long while away from seeing each other and pick up like we had never missed a beat or that we had hung out so often.  Immediately following the barbecue, we all came back inside and our friends asked to see some of the more recent photos from our trip to California so we plugged the laptop into our big screen and streamed them off there.  I’m always big on taking photos that document our stay in a particular destination, not even necessarily of us, but of the destination itself.  Thus, it was really cool to see our friends looking through the 1200+ photos and marveling over the different sights of Cali.  I’m going to get into some of the highlights of that Cali trip later in the week.

– One of the other big highlights of the weekend for me was the series between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Now I should probably mention that I’m not a big basketball fan.  I used to be, however, as a matter of fact, the way it went in my house growing up was that baseball was my mom’s sport, football was my dad’s and basketball was mine.   If you grew up in the 1990s, how could anyone not be a fan of basketball?  From Michael Jordan to Patrick Ewing to Shaq there were stars on every single team and always something good to watch.  Even throughout most of the 2000s my gift each year for my birthday was NBA League Pass.  Then something happened.  Whether it be the sad state of the New York Knicks or the retirement of most of those players I enjoyed watching or, more likely, my increased love of baseball and football and the less time I had to dedicate to basketball (I’m also a big fan of professional wrestling, have I ever mentioned that?).  Well, on Saturday night my girlfriend and I had dinner reservations and due to the restaurant having a slow night the place closed early and so we ended up at the buffalo wild wings nearby.  Let me tell ya, you would have thought Ronda Rousey had returned to the Octagon.  The place was packed and everybody so invested in the Warriors-Thunder game.  We ended up staying for the entire second half and I couldn’t help but cheer the Warriors on, despite the rest of the fans in the place mostly rooting for the Thunder.  I get the appeal in rooting for the underdog but for me I just think the Warriors are both fun to watch and a classy group of guys.  I can’t help but root for them.   As many of you know, I’m also a huge fan of history and I would hate to see the 73-win tarnished by them falling short in the finals (contrary to my celebration of epic proportions when the Patriots lost the superbowl to the Giants).  With that said, I don’t quite get the belief that if the Warriors win the NBA Championship this season, they are the best team in the history of the sport.  I mean sure, I guess record wise they would be but today’s NBA is very much different then the NBA of the past.  This day in age players rest (cc: San Antonio Spurs) and there just isn’t the star power that there was in the past.  Not to take anything away from the Warriors and I couldn’t be more impressed that they were able to comeback and win the West, but this team isn’t the 96 Bulls.

– Well, that’s going to do it for me right now but later today I’ll be back with my spotlight on Raw (which i already have in the can) and then either tonight or tomorrow I’ll be back with my spotlight on the excellent documentary that aired on the WWE Network following Raw on Seth Rollins.


The Spotlight Sports Pick of the Day

Spotlight Sports Pick Of The Day: Chicago Bulls (-3) 

One of my favorite plays is game 3 of the NBA Playoffs when the better seed goes up 2-0.  Oddsmakers have no choice but to make that team a much lower favorite because they’re now the away team. Truth is though if a team is a better team than they’ll find a way to win even on the road. I went with the Bulls because I think they’re so well coached that I don’t see them getting caught on the road… 3 points is also a gift so take it and run. 

Record (2-1) 

The Spotlight Sports Pick Of The Day- 4/22/2015

Spotlight Sports Pick Of The Day- Brooklyn Nets (+10.5)

I have nothing but respect for what the Atlanta Hawks have done this season.  Going undefeated for an entire month and coming from, seemingly, out of nowhere to finish first place in the East.  The Nets, on the hand, limped into the playoffs and have underachieved all season.  Thus, this pick may be a bit puzzling but I feel that once you get to the playoffs it’s an entirely different ballgame.  The Nets have been to the playoffs over the past three seasons with the same core of payers and have had some success.  Before game 1 on Sunday, the Hawks hadn’t even played a competitive game in over a month.  I’m not saying that the Nets are going to win but I do expect them to keep it close and if they do push the Hawks it’ll be interesting to see how the Hawks respond.  Regardless, more than 10 points is something I’m willing to jump on and pick Brooklyn and their veterans in this one.

Record (1-1)

Spotlight Sports Pick of The Day- 4/21/2015

Spotlight Sports Pick of the Day- Cleveland Cavaliers (-11)

The Cleveland Cavaliers came out of the gate on Sunday afternoon looking pretty sluggish to say the least.  It looked like they were running through mud as their shots weren’t falling and for the first quarter and a half of the game it looked like we were gettng set for a nice series between the Cavs and the Upstart Boston Celtics.  Then reality set in and it looked like the Cavs started to take there team a lot more seriously and stopped messing around.  The Reality here is that the Cavs are way too much for the Celtics.  They’re not just Lebron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love but rather they are stacked with so much depth and can beat you so many ways.  Even after their slow start on Sunday, the Cavs still won going away and will do so again tonight.  I don’t like big spreads (I picked the Nets and won on them simply going against that big spread) but I willing to roll with it tonight.

The Spotlight On Today’s Sports- 4/21/2015

It is now time to shine the spotlight brightly on the world of Sports on Tuesday, April 21st, 2015. Let’s get into the highlights of the day that you’ll want to make sure you’ll want to watch live or at the very least set your DVR’s or Sports Update Apps


1) All Hail King Russell–  Yesterday evening it was announced that the Cubs plan on calling up uber prospect Addison Russell to immediately become the clubs everyday second baseman.  If it wasn’t clear before that the Cubs are ready to contend, this should be that indication.  Addison Russell now joins Anthony Rizzo, Starlin Castro and fellow prospects Kris Bryant and Jorge Soler to make up an impressive roster which is more than the Cubs could’ve said it about the last decade.  Russell came over in the Jeff Samardzija trade to Oakland last year and immediately created excitement for the future throughout the city of Chicago.  This is a debut baseball won’t want to miss.

2) Passing of The Torch?-  Tonight is game two in the best of seven series between the Dallas Mavericks and the Houston Rockets and if Saturday night was any indication, this series could be halfway over before tonight.  Over the past 15 years if there has been one constant in the NBA, other than the San Antonio Spurs, it’s been the Dallas Mavericks.  Unfortunately for the Mavs, on Saturday it really looks like time has caught up to the them as they were outplayed at every phase of the game by the younger Houston Rockets, Tonight will determine if the Mavericks can lean on their veterans, they’ll likely be without their best young player Chandler Parsons, or if they’ll back home looking for answers

3) YES! YES! YES!- The Washington Capitols have one of the best players in all of hockey in Alexander Ovechkin and one of the premier goaltenders in the league in Braden Holtby.  That said, this series has been all about the New York Islanders, who limped into the layoffs in their own right.  The Islanders are a game two epic collapse away from having a chance to close out the series at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum tonight. Led by great inspired play by goaltender Jaroslav Halak, unprecedented defense by Johnny Boychuk and the leadership of John Tavares, the Islanders look ready to take a commanding 3-1 lead over the Caps and ready themselves for a date with the Rangers.

That’s going to do it for today.  Feel free to drop a line and let me know what you think are the biggest sports stories of the day.  Also be sure to take a look at our Spotlight Sports Pick of the Day if you’re someone who likes to make their sports a little more interesting.