Spotlight Sports Pick of The Day- 4/21/2015

Spotlight Sports Pick of the Day- Cleveland Cavaliers (-11)

The Cleveland Cavaliers came out of the gate on Sunday afternoon looking pretty sluggish to say the least.  It looked like they were running through mud as their shots weren’t falling and for the first quarter and a half of the game it looked like we were gettng set for a nice series between the Cavs and the Upstart Boston Celtics.  Then reality set in and it looked like the Cavs started to take there team a lot more seriously and stopped messing around.  The Reality here is that the Cavs are way too much for the Celtics.  They’re not just Lebron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love but rather they are stacked with so much depth and can beat you so many ways.  Even after their slow start on Sunday, the Cavs still won going away and will do so again tonight.  I don’t like big spreads (I picked the Nets and won on them simply going against that big spread) but I willing to roll with it tonight.


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