The Spotlight On Today’s Sports 5/4/2015

Back in the saddle again with a slew of sports on tap for what proves to be a busy week of sports as the NBA Playoffs as well as the NHL Playoffs,  move into their second rounds of action.  Let’s move into some of the bigger stories and games that are going on in the world of sports. 

1) You Down With MVP?- Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry was named the 2014-2015 regular season MVP today, the first MVP for the Warriors since Wilt Chamberlain back in 1960 and the first point guard to win the award since Derrick Rose in the 2010-2011 season.  Curry averaged 23.8 points per games, 2 steals per game, 7.7 assists per game and 4.3 rebounds per game. While the numbers are obviously very good for Curry, they aren’t career bests for Curry other then his steals per game & his overall numbers were better last season. With that said, however, Curry was the best choice for MVP this season, no matter what Houston Rockets fans tell you, as he led the Warriors to an NBA best 67-15 record only losing 2 games at home the whole season. As Curry stated today during a press conference, while MVPs are nice, the goal for the Warriors is the NBA championship, so far they haven’t been tested in the postseason. 

2) Counsell Gets The Nod– Major League Baseball’s worst record to start the season belongs to the Milwaukee Brewers at 7-18. Thus, it didn’t come as any big surprise when the Brewers fired manager Ron Roenicke after 4 seasons and a 342-331 record and one NL central title. The only think surprising about the firing is that it came off the heels of the Brewers first series win of the season. His replacement shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as longtime utlitity man Craig Counsell was offered the job this morning. Counsell retired with theBrewers  organization in 2011 and since has been working as a general manager to the team’s general manager. The Brewers gave Counsell, who will take over managerial duties tonight, a node of confidence by rewarding him with a 3 year contract through the 2017 season. 

3) The Defining Series- For years the dominance of Lebron James & the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference has been called into question. Would the Hear have been able to make it to three straight NBA Finals of Derrick Rose were healthy? Well well finally get somewhat of answer tonight as it will be Lebron James ba Derrick Rose except this time it will be Lebron leading a Cleveland Cavs team to do battle with the Bulls in the Windy City. With all do respect to what the Atlanta Hawks have accomplished, I think the winner of the East is coming out this series. The first game between these two teams kicks off tonight at 7PM EST! 

That’s gonna do it for me today but I’ll be back later today with my first review up on the site, which is a heartwarming story. Until then, be well & may the fourth be with you!



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