The Daily Spotlight For 7/3/2015

Hello Everyone thanks for checking out the daily spotlight.  This is the newest addition to and it’s going to be much more blog style than the usual spotlight reviews that you’ll find on the rest of the site.  My plan is update these as close to daily as I could and this will probably consist mostly of my quick thoughts on the different happenings of my day or the day to day events of my life.  My plan here is to hopefully allow you to get to know more about me, Tom Lynch, the human being as opposed to the writer.  These posts may be themed but will more than likely be much more free flowing.  Don’t worry this won’t take away from my dedication to the other posts that you’ve come to expect here on the site.  I’ll still be provided coverage of many different WWE events, wrestling podcasts, sports, entertainment and everything in between.  However, I’ll also be giving you guys an insight in to my life.  If you aren’t interested I’ve stuck these blogs all the way at the end of the top of the page so you don’t have to click on the menu, but hopefully you’ll enjoy some of what you see here.

– While my girlfriend is fast asleep and I’m preparing for an early rise in order to catch this WWE show on the network, I have the Mets game on in the background.  I’ve become a huge fan of watching my hometown teams play on the west coast.  There’s something nice about watching baseball games in the middle of the night, especially during the summer time.  One of my friend’s told me today that he was done with the Mets.  While I can understand his frustration, as the Mets look like they’re suddenly standing on the ledge ready to freefall to another lackluster season, I can’t imagine leaving a team because of their poor play.  I have always been a fan of the Jets and the Knicks despite the fact that neither team has won a championship throughout my 28 years of living and I always will be.  I was a Yankees fan as well growing up, mostly because my mom was a fan and I was raised to be one.  Eventually, I did give up on the Yankees back in 2009. I still respect the team’s history but I had enough of the Yankee way that if the team struggles, you go out and purchase a new slew of players and try again the next season.  I also got tired of the world series win or bust mindset.  No team wants to lose but it’s tough to win a championship and fanbases should appreciate the ole punchers try.  I also went to the Nationals stadium for the first time in 2008 and I saw a fanbase their to have a good time who was happy to support their team no matter what.  Between the fact that the Nats had one big time player (Ryan Zimmerman) as well as the fun atmosphere and youth associated with the team, they became my adopted team.  This adoption eventually became a full time deal and I’ve become a Nats fan ever since.  As a matter of fact, what a great win for the Nats tonight on Frieworks night over the hated San Francisco Giants!

–  While I recharged the batteries a bit today, I caught up a bit on this season’s big brother.  Big Brother is a summer tradition that I tend to really enjoy but in past year’s have been pretty disappointed by it.  I think it started with the year that they had all of the racist contestants, it just became a less fun to watch that year.  From there, it seems that every time that I pick a player to get behind, they are gone before I can even really started to like them.  Between Nick two years ago, Devin and Zach last season and now Jace this season, it becomes very frustration.  I particularly found Da’Vonne, James and Jason to be annoying in a “Turn Off My Television” sort of way as opposed to a “I want to root against you sort of way”.  It remains to be seen if I’m going to stick around and watch this season, stay tuned…

– I’ll close with this today, it’s amazing how friendships change as you get older.  When you’re in your late teens to early twenties, there becomes a mindset that you really need a lot of friends.  You depend on your friends to be there each week, sometimes multiple times throughout the week.  If you’re friends aren’t around for a while, you start to question there dedication to the friendship and this can cause a real disconnect that could lead to the end or a break in that friendship.  Well as you get older and jobs, relationships and other life responsibilities take the forefront of one’s life, it often isn’t realistic to see your friends every few days, every week or sometimes every month.  Two of my best friends live hours away from me either by car or plane and I could go months without any real communication with them other then text messages and fantasy sports.  Yet what I have realized is that when I do catch up with my friends now, whether it be a great phone conversation or the times I get to see them, it’s like nothing has changed and we haven’t been a way for so long.  So yes, as you get older you may not have as many friends as when you hosted an annual party in your yard and had fifty guests, the friends you do have mean a lot more.

That’s going to do it for me, I’m turning in early, with every intention of give you guys a spotlight review of the WWE in Japan show bright and early on the Network and then another daily spotlight blog for the 4th of July. Until then….


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