The Daily Spotlight for 7/27/2015

Hello Everyone I hope you’re doing well.  It’s been a very busy few weeks for me, which is why I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus.  But I plan on being back on here much more over the next week with a bunch of different things going on.  I hope to provide you guys with a daily spotlight each day and, hopefully, a few more fun pieces throughout the week.  Let’s get into some of the reasons as to why I’ve been away as well as some of the fun pieces you can expect to see in the coming days, this….is the daily spotlight.

About ten days ago I had a bit of health scare in which I felt pretty under the weather.  I’m not sure where it stemmed from but I’m the type of person that generally can keep going with a ton on my plate and with very little sleep for long periods of time.  Once in a while this does catch up to me and it requires me to really then refuel on sleep for a few days.  Well there was a stretch of about three weeks at the end of June/ beginning of July where I was going very hard in that I was squeezing in physical therapy sessions before work (I’m recovering from a back injury after being rear ended and I should point out I have your standard 9-5 job so my sessions were at 7AM) and then I got a few side projects that took up a good amount of my time after work.  I was also doing some reviews for this website (Which I’m not complaining about at all, many businesses have been nothing but accomodating when I explain what we’re doing over here and I couldn’t be more thankful) and my girlfriend and I had plans thrown into my schedule which included babysitting our goddaughter a few nights per week as well.   I just don’t have any idea about what my limits are and I’ve always been a “work now, sleep later” kind of guy.

Well this really caught up to me about three weeks ago.  It came to a head when I was at a work conference for two days in the Bronx.  The meeting room we had was set for about 16 people in a tiny room and the air conditioning broke which made the two days pretty unbearable.  It was so bad in this room, in fact, that one of the invited speakers who traveled from Louisiana decided not to return for the second day.  To make matters worse the food that was served at this ordeal was brutal.  In particular, there was this basket of fruit that was being served that I thought tasted weird.  I noticed one of my co workers trying to get my attention but waved and thought nothing of it.  I continued to eat the fruit, as I was hungry, and the rest of the food was bad anyway.  Well, during our break my co worker came over to me and told me that the fruit was totally spoiled and that’s why he was trying to get my attention.  The rest of the day, I was sick as a dog.  I went home and immediately cancelled a camping trip with my girlfriend and her friends (for me to cancel a summer weekend trip is so rare everyone knew I was absolutely out of it).  Furthermore, I spent the rest of the weekend in bed, thankful that this happened on a Friday so that I’d be able to recover all weekend and not miss any time at work.

I don’t really mind missing time at work, especially not at my job as I’m afforded a good amount of paid time off.  I feel if paid time off is provided by the company, then it should be used however the employee wants to use their time, provided they give proper notice of course.  At my old job there were two banks of time off that I received.  The first bank was for vacation time and the second bank was for sick time.  Thus, having 12 days a year specifically for sick time, I wouldn’t mind taking a day or two if I was feeling under the weather.  Well at my current job, there’s just one pool.  We get a good amount of time off but it can either be used for vacation or for sick/personal days. With as much traveling as I do, I vowed when I started my job not to use any of my time for sick days.  This plan lasted for 18 months before I took my first sick day two weeks ago.  It pained me to do it but I really had no choice, I was just a wreck.  The worse part was that even when I returned to work I was so out of it the whole week.  I felt disoriented and couldn’t wait to go back home so I can sleep. I even ended up cancelling a whole week of physical therapy because I had no energy.  Eventually, I felt better and I’m not even sure what I had.  Part of me thinks it was a mild case of vertigo as I’ve been known to get that but whatever it was, it took it’s toll.

That’s going to do it for me today but I’m glad to be back and feel pretty reenergized after a good two weeks.  I’m planning a big Daniel Bryan inspired weekend here on the Daily Spotlight as I’ve recently finished up his blu ray set entitled “Yes, Yes, Yes” and am working on getting through his new book “Yes-my improbable journey to the main event of Wrestlemania”.  So far it has been a really easy read that I would suggest any fan of WWE or wrestling in general should go out and get it.  Regardless, when I finish that up I will have reviews of both of those, so keep your eyes peeled for that.  Until, then stay locked in for more fun stuff right here on


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