The Spotlight NFL Week 12 Thanksgiving Picks Against The Spread 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! As promised on Thanksgiving Day we were going to launch the next phase of our website…the video portion! The spotlight videos are going to debut on our official YouTube channel and ¬†then within the next couple of hours you’ll be able to watch those videos right here on! The videos are going to consist of a good portion of travel videos that I’ve built up over the past 2 years or so. However, I’m also going to be filming videos dedicated to my weekly NFL picks. The plan is to film my picks at a different location every time, so without any further ado lets get into them.

This week I’m going to start with a video breaking down the three games that will be played today, on Thanksgiving! Now yes we’re 60-24 this season and have simply been tearing it up but use a little caution here. This is a tough slate of games here, so tough that I likely would have passed on the three games if they were a part of Sunday. I feel much better about my Sunday games by the way and I’m excited to get into those games later this weekend. If you’re unaware of the schedule today the (3-7) Detroit Lions will host the (4-6) Philadelphia Eagles at 12:30 PM EST on Fox. From there the (3-7) Dallas Cowboys will welcome the (10-0) Carolina Panthers at 4:00 PM EST on CBS and then tonight the (7-3) Green Bay Packers play host to their bitter rival, the (4-6) Chicago Bears on Brett Favre day at 8:30 PM EST on NBC. I break down all three of the games in the 2 and a half minute video below. Check it out and I wish all of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

The Spotlight On The Return Of Mark Sanchez To Thanksgiving Football

Hello everyone and happy thanksgiving eve!  If you’re like me Thanksgiving is synonymous with a variety of things including the start of the holiday season, good food and, of course football! Well, in 2012 for me, as a Jets fan, Thanksgiving went on to live forever in infamy…

Video Courtesy Of The NFL

Sitting at 4-6 the New York Jets welcomed their division rival, the New England Patriots to a sold out Metlife Stadium, hoping to get their season back on track.  The result was one of the worst quarters of football in history.  Despite having possession of the football for 12 of the 15 minutes in the second quarter, the Jets were outscored by the Patriots, 35-3.  This included a 52 second stretch in which the Patriots scored on offense, special teams and defense, which culminated with one of the worst plays in football history, the butt fumble!

It’s never easy being a Jets fan but that Thanksgiving may have been one of the most disappointing losses in team history.  Part of that reason is because of just how excited my dad and I were for the game.  We rushed back from Thanksgiving dinner and went through all of the possible scenarios of what the Jets had to do to make the playoffs all Thanksgiving long.  This was at a time in which the Jets were coming off three straight .500 or better seasons and were just two seasons removed from the two trips to the AFC Championship game, which included a playoff win in New England.  Jets fans, like myself, finally had a reason to get excited about their team and it was thanks in large part to Rex Ryan and Quaterback Mark Sanchez.  Unfortunately, this sad 49-14 loss against the Patriots spelled the beginning of the end of that era of Jets football as they haven’t been the same since and now both Sanchez and Rex are long gone.  It’s a shame for Mark Sanchez that he is remembered mostly for such an unfortunate play because for a few years that kid ran New York.  That’s right, truth be told Sanchez had quite a bit of success for the Jets and has the record for most playoff wins by a Jets Quarterback (4), all of which were on the road no less.

The good news for Mark is that he does have a bit of a chance to redeem himself because he returns to Thanksgiving tomorrow afternoon as the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, filling in for the injured Sam Bradford.  The Eagles sit just a game out of first place(again at 4-6)  in the NFC East and a good performance from Sanchez tomorrow may lead them to a virtual tie with the Redskins and Giants by the end of the weekend.  That would definitely a bit of Thanksgiving redemption for the former Sanchize.  One thing is for sure, it can’t be much worse than it was on that fateful night in 2012!