The Spotlight On The Wrestling Drive

Hello everyone hope all is well. I figured it was about time that we popped on here and kicked things into high gear. I have a bit of a big announcement that I’m going to get into that will hopefully be as exciting to you as it is to me. As you know over the past 9 months or so I started to upload videos onto YouTube based around my different travels all over the world. I have hours of content already in the can here and plan to begin rolling these out over the next week and into the weekend. I think these videos are a lot of fun because I have been afforded the opportunity to travel a good amount and I personally enjoy sharing these experiences with you. The goal is to hopefully help you to plan your trip by watching some of my videos and giving you some ideas of different things to do on your trip. That said, I also realize that people can’t travel or may just be unsure where to go and so it’s also my goal with these videos to give those curious an idea of different landmarks and destinations. Obviously, travel isn’t the only topic covered here on, as a matter of fact the primary focus of the site is professional wrestling, which leads me to my announcement today.  
It is my goal to be the wrestling fan’s one stop source for all things professional wrestling presented through that fan’s perspective. I enjoy writing up reviews of different shows and all of the hot buttons topics of pro wrestling as well as reminiscing on past experiences and events. Thus, I thought about the different ways in which we can continue to expand our content beyond that of just articles and blog posts. That brings us to the Wrestling Drive. Unfortunately one of the biggest contributions to my time is that spent commuting. I’m on the road constantly from anywhere from 2-5 hours per day and it’s pretty treacherous driving back and forth between Queens and Brooklyn every day. Rather than continuing to let this get me down, however, I see this is an opportunity. Therefore, moving forward I’m going to present to you short vlogs based on all of the news stories, shows and experiences in an around the world of professional wrestling. These videos won’t be more than 10 or 15 minutes to start and have a real sense of convenience in that you can stream them straight from YouTube. Perhaps at the end of the day you want to sit in your recliner, grab a cold one and stream the video on your big screen, go for it! If podcasts are more your thing than you can go right into YouTube and stream the content through your mobile device while listening on your own commute home. The best part about this is that while commuting so much, I have opportunities throughout the day to pop on the vlog and discuss that topic with all of you, literally moments after it drops. This should really be an exciting time and these vlogs will be a great companion piece to the site so while you’ll still get all of the articles on here that you’re used to (and will become more used to in the weeks to come), you’ll have videos to watch either along with the articles or solely if that’s more your thing.  

Please be advised that this is a work in progress. I’m working on ways to improve both the video and audio and am confident that we’ll be able to do that moving forward. With the WWE draft fast approaching and Summerslam not too long after that (especially because I am right here in the mecca on New York City, home of Summerslam), I feel like now is as good at time as any to really dive into this new venture. With that said, we are actually going to be dropping the very first edition of the Wrestling Drive today at 2PM! The vlog will be focused primarily on the Cruiserwight Classic which debuts tonight on the WWE Network and I’ll also touch on the big Nakamura vs. Finn Balor number one contender match that is set for NXT tonght. This is an exciting time to be a wrestling fan and exciting time right here on!


The Spotlight on US Airways Customer Service

I just returned yesterday afternoon from my trip to Orlando, Florida.  For my round trip transportation during this trip, I decided to fly with US Airways which consisted of four flights (a connection each way).  I’ve recently been flying with Jetblue because they have TVs but I saved a great deal flying US Airways and didn’t feel that televisions were worth the extra few hundred dollars this time around.

Now I’ll get to some of my Orlando trip during posts down the line but long story short between a wedding in which I was the best man, three days in Disney World and two days in Daytona Beach, I was exhausted when I woke up at 6 AM to catch a 10 AM flight out of Orlando International Airport on Sunday morning.  I was so exhausted in fact that I began to doze off while waiting for my flight in the waiting area.  Suddenly I was woken up by the sound of the final page of my boarding to my flight from Orlando to Philadelphia.

I immediately sprung up grabbed my bags and sprinted to the terminal to catch my flight.  When I walked in, I must have looked pretty out of it as the flight attendant offered me a glass of water the second I got on the plane.  I took my seat then checked my personal belongings and make sure I had everything.  I found my cell phone, keys, wallet, headphones, gum and camera.  I sat down to settle in for my flight when I realized that I had misplaced my work cell phone.  I began freaking out and asked if I could run back to check and see if my phone was in the waiting room, which mind you was a solid seven or eight gates down.

I began running as fast as I could back to the waiting area and looked everywhere for the phone.  I looked under the seats and retraced my steps.  I asked one of the  passengers sitting there if they had seen the phone.  He asked what kind of phone it was and when I said a brand new IPhone 5S, he laughed and said “Son, you know that if someone found it, that phone is long gone!”.

Just then I heard an announcement over the loudspeaker calling me out by name and stating if I didn’t return they’d have to take off without me.  I returned to my flight embarrassed by the death stares the rest of the angry flyers were giving me and worried about my phone.  What would I tell my boss? Why did I even bring my work phone on vacation with me?  Would I have to pay the company I work for $500 to replace the phone?  How could I be so irresponsible?

Knowing it was a longshot, I texted the phone from my personal phone.  I texted the phone and said “Hi I don’t know if you found this phone but if you did please call me as soon as possible, this is my work phone and I’ll offer reward”.  I powered my phone to airplane mode and figured I wouldn’t hear anything.  Right before powering off one of the flight attendants wished me luck and told me to check the phone before takeoff.  She stated that I didn’t want anyone to call apple because apple wouldn’t get me the phone back as they’d want me to buy a new one.  I followed her advice and turned on my phone and immediately received a text from someone telling me they found the phone!

I called the number and it turned out that someone who worked for US Airways found the phone and was waiting for me to find him to get the phone back.  I couldn’t believe it but I was already on the flight and the flight was about to take off.  The man, Brian Hicks, explained that he could Fed Ex the phone overnight to me at no cost to me and he wasn’t about to accept any sort of reward.  I thanked him so much and took off to Philly relieved beyond words.

When I arrived in Philly, I got another call from Mr. Hicks who did even better than his first offer.  He contacted his boss and explained that I needed the phone for work and so  they sent the phone on a flight to Laguardia airport and the phone was going to be waiting there for me the next morning.  I arrived at Laguardia early Monday morning and my phone was there, packaged nicely by Mr. Hicks in a huge box with enough paper and bubble wrap to ensure that it would be safe through the air.  The guy at the baggage claims center told me just how lucky I was because he explained that Brian didn’t have to do that and it’s almost frowned upon because it could get damaged.

What a truly great start to the week and I couldn’t be more grateful to Brian and the team at US Airways for providing excellent customer service.  Even though Brian didn’t ask for anything in return, I’m going to be sending Brian two Mets tickets for when they play the Rays in August as he mentioned he was a huge fan.  This day in age people just aren’t nice, it would have been easy for Brian to take my phone and either sell it or find a way to use it for himself.  His generous act has inspired me to pay it forward as it feels good to do nice things for people.

I thought this would be a good first piece for the review section here.  I know reviews online are often negative, I’m sure mine will be sometimes as well, but I had to share this positive review here with all of you.  So in closing I’d just like to say thank you to Brian Hicks and thank you to the fine people at US Airways, I look forward to flying with you again.