The Spotlight On A Physical WWE Hall Of Fame

Hello everyone and good morning to you. I meant to talk about this on the site yesterday but figured I would more focus on the stuff related strictly to the announcement of Wrestlemania 33 coming to Orlando. That said, the Wrestlemania announcement wasn’t the only big WWE news related to Orlando that made the rounds yesterday. released a story yesterday that WWE will be opening a “museum-cum-restaurant” within the Universal Studios Orlando theme park.  According the article, which you can read in full here, the restaurant portion of the place would be similar to the old WWF New York (later The World) in that there will be a retail section of the store where you can purchase merchandise from all of your favorite superstars and divas and then a restaurant with big screens playing WWE programming throughout the day. If this news wasn’t big enough, it’s the museum portion of the story that has everyone talking.  Many took this to believe that this means that there will finally be a physical hall of fame for the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame. 

The idea is for this new WWE attraction to open where the old NBA City location was as a part of Universal City located Adjacent to the theme park. Probably the best part of all of this is that the attraction is planning to open in March of next year. This means that the attraction will be ready for people to visit just in time for Wrestlemania in Orlando, the next month.  

I for one could not be more excited as growing up WWF New York was one of my favorite locations. Nothing beat being able to head times square after a half day in middle school or high school, go wait outside of TRL hoping that Jesse Camp would give me a pound and then ending the day with lunch at WWF New York. I had celebrated almost everyone of my birthdays with the family from about 1999 to 2003 and even celebrated my junior high school graduation there with my family and a bunch of my friends. This really was the premier spot for any WWE fan as it was the only store you can walk in and buy merchandise and the restaurant was so much fun. There were always superstars stopping by and a packed house for any live airing of Raw or a pay per view. WWF New York even aired smackdown live which I thought was so cool at the time.  

All of that said, I think that it would be really cool for WWE to bring back a restaurant and the idea of a physical hall of fame would be a long time coming. I remember at WWF New York there was a little section of the restaurant dedicated to past WWE artifacts, that would rotate in and out (similar to the set up at Axxess) but never a full museum, the likes of which you would see in Cooperstown for the baseball hall of fame. While, I’ve never been to NBA City, I got to chat with friend of the site and contributing writer, Metsgoon who went to the place just a few years ago and mentioned that it was very spacious. Being a theme park enthusiast, nothing sounds better then spending the day at Harry Potter World and then heading across the street to check out the Royal Rumble live at the WWE restaurant.  

In closing, I’d say that before we all get so excited we should proceed a bit cautiously. WWE held a press conference live yesterday for Wrestlemania in Orlando and nothing has been officially announced by them. That said, if this is being reported by Universal Studios themselves, there’s a good chance that where there is smoke there is some sort of fire. One thing is for sure, as Stephanie McMahon said yesterday, Orlando has become the second home for World Wrestling Entertainment.   


The Spotlight on Mick Foley’s 2016 Wrestlemania Dream Vacation

Over the past few years one of the cool things to come along with WrestleMania each year is WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley’s WrestleMania Dream Vacation.  These vacations are a heck of an opportunity for any wrestling fan whatsoever but the purpose for the vacation makes it mean that much more.  100% of the proceeds from each Dream Vacation go directly to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN).  This is a cause that means a lot to me personally and Mick’s work for them has been extraordinary through the years.  When I saw Mick’s comedy show at Caroline’s back in 2013, he was doing a Meet and Greet and donating all of the money made through merchandise directly to RAINN as well.  Mick has mentioned that last year the dream vacation raised over $400,000 and that the goal of this year’s raffle will be to surpass the half million dollar mark.  I strongly urge everyone to purchase a few raffle tickets, they really aren’t very expensive.  The price per raffle ticket are as follows 5 entries: $10 ($2 each), 10 entries: $15 ($1.50 each), 25 entries: $25 ($1 each), 75 entries: $50 ($0.67 each), 150 entries: $75 ($0.50 each), 400 entries: $100 ($0.25 each), 1000+ entries: ($0.15 each).  The sweepstakes is now officially open and runs until March 15th.  Let’s get into to what you stand to win.

  • Winner and guest will receive round-trip air transportation (this includes two economy-class seats from winner and guest’s closest major U.S. or international city, to an airport within 25 miles of Arlington, TX)
  • Winner and guest will receive round-trip transportation between airport and hotel
  • Winner and guest will receive five nights lodging at the Comfort Suites in Arlington, TX from Thursday, March 31 — Tuesday, April 5, 2016 (single room, double occupancy)
  • Winner will receive $1,000 in spending money
  • Winner will receive an original 20×32 Rob Schamberger piece of art featuring the wrestler of his or her choice
  • Winner and guest will join Mick Foley for dinner
  • Winner will receive two ringside tickets to WrestleMania
  • Winner will receive two tickets to the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
  • Winner will receive two tickets to Monday Night Raw
  • Winner will receive two tickets to WWE AXXESS
  • Winner will receive two tickets to WWE NXT
  • Winner will receive two tickets to WWE Ring of Honor + a meet and greet

Talk about a dream vacation, Mick really has you covered in virtually everything you can thing in a package worth nearly $5,000!  Kudos have to go out to WWE, NXT, ROH and all of the other companies for assisting in putting together such a great package.  In the past I know Mick has continued to add to the package right up until the deadline which has included everything from tickets to Jim Ross’ One Man show, Tickets to Evolve, A Hug from a TNA Knockout and a further trip to Walt Disney World which included a guided tour of the park with Scotty 2 Hotty! Thus, keep checking in to see what else he adds to the package.  If you’d like to purchase tickets for the raffle you can do so right here!

The Spotlight On Sting Going Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

This past week on WWE Raw it was officially announced that the headliner of this year’s WWE Hall Of Fame Class will in fact be Sting! It doesn’t come as too much of a surprise as Sting is more than worthy of the honor and he lives in and around the Dallas, Texas area. Sting is a former 6 time WCW champion, a former 2 time NWA world champion, former 4 time TNA heavyweight champion, the list goes on and on. Sting was pretty much the face of WCW throughout the late 80’s, early 90’s until the company’s close in March of 2001.

From a personal standpoint, I’m glad I got to see two of his appearances for WWE live this past year including his first match against Triple H and his surprise return the night after Summerslam at the Barclays Center. In many ways it’s great that Sting got to have one last run with WWE as it didn’t seem right that he never had a Wrestlemania moment. Also by performing for a WWE audience it’s allowed Sting to gain exposure to an entirely different audience.  My girlfriend grew up a very casual WWE fan and for about 3 years has been following pretty closely, thanks to me.  She had no idea really who Sting was prior to his appearances for WWE, to the point that when she saw Surfer Sting in the Hall of Fame package, she asked me who that was! To her, and her younger brother (who has a bunch of Sting action figures now) Sting is still someone new and very much current.  If you think about it, Sting will be entering the Hall of Fame just a bit after six months following his last world title opportunity so you can’t really blame them.

As for who should induct Sting, it has to be Ric Flair and that’s the only name I’ve heard rumored to be doing so.  Flair has been apart of WWE programming over the past two years as Charlotte has continued to rise the ranks of both NXT and WWE and with him, arguably, being one of Stings greatest adversaries and the man that in many ways made Sting the star he became, Flair should be the man to do it.  The only other name I can really see inducting Sting would be his lifelong friend Lex Luger and I’m unsure that he’d be able to, due to his health.  Aside from Sting, some other names that I can see going into the Hall of Fame this year would have to first and foremost be the Fabulous Freebirds ( which I’ve seen reported around the web, I believe pwinsider had it first).  The Freebirds are from Texas and Michael Hayes is obviously still a very big part of the WWE family.  If they wanted to keep things in Texas, I’d throw out former WWE diva Jaqueline (who had a good run in WWE including being a really good FOIL to Sable during the Attitude Era) into the mix.  From there how about former WWE champion, proud Texas native and current WWE commentator, JBL?  WWE usually likes to include somebody a bit more current that the current crop of fans are more familiar with, so I think that JBL would be a great choice and obviously very deserving.  For a posthumous induction, since it appears that Wrestlemania will no longer be going to Minnesota, how about this being the year that Rick Rude goes into the hall of fame?  Or again if we want to stick with that Texas theme, what about the late great Dick Murdoch? Rounding out the class with a celebrity inductee, I feel like this year has to be Lemmy who recently passed away and meant a lot to so much of the WWE roster, most notably Triple H.

Of course, the big rumor about this year’s hall of fame was that the Undertaker would be the headliner following his 25th anniversary, this being in his hometown of Texas on the night before the biggest Wrestlemania in the company’s history.  Well what i think happened there was a few things.  For one, John Cena got hurt and by all intents and purposes John Cena vs. The Undertaker in one of their first ever big high profile matches was heavily rumored as being a part of this year’s Wrestlemania.  With that match now not being something that can get done, in my opinion, perhaps they have that match penciled in for next year’s Mania and wanted to hold off on the Hall of Fame induction with the Undertaker still having matches a year from now.  Next, let’s be honest no matter how old the Undertaker is, it doesn’t matter, he had some of the best matches over the last year against Brock Lesnar and the Wyatt Family.  If he can still have great matches like that and come away healthy then why not utilize the Undertaker in some of the bigger shows of the year.  Of course this is all speculation, for all we know Undertaker can still be announced for the hall but that wouldn’t make much sense for WWE to use two headliners that can sell out the Hall Of Fame on their own like The Undertaker and Sting.

Well, that’s going to do it for now but congratulations go out to Sting on a well deserved Hall of Fame induction.  We’ll have much more breaking news as it’s released.