The Spotlight On Camelback Resort’s Aquatopia 

  I recently got an opportunity to check out a sneak preview of Camelback Resort’s brand new indoor water park Aquatopia. It was a really enjoyable day for my girlfriend, her younger brother and I and we were all in agreement that the new park is a hit & an automatic must see attraction in the poconos. Let me get right into some of the highlights of Aquatopia. 


  Fun After The Sun- If you’re a waterpark enthusiast like me than you are probably aware that the only drawback about water parks is that they often close pretty early. Most parks close, at the latest, 7pm & sometimes as early as 5pm. Well this isn’t the case with Aquatopia, because the park is in a weather controlled climate of 86 degrees at all times, the park stays open until 9am which allows you to take your time & stay until after the sun goes down. Furthermore, if you’re a resort guest or have purchased a combo ticket to both parks,  you’re able to make the smooth transition from Camelbeach (the outdoor waterpark located on Camelback Resorts) to Aquatopia if you still want more waterpark once it closes. 

  Fun for the whole family- One of the great things about Aquatopia is that there is something for everyone. This is a really large area for kids that features a number of slides, a basketball area, an aerobics maze & much more. If you’re more into thrill rides there’s some big water slides for both families, body flumes & tube rides, there’s a surfing simulator and a water roller coaster that has to be experienced to be believed.  On the contrary, if you prefer to go at your own pace, there’s a lengthy themed lazy river, a giant wave pool that allows you to lounge on tubes while you ride and even a hot tub. Our personal favorite though, had to be the pool bar for adults. These are often only found at Caribbean resorts & it was a nice touch for Aquatopia. What makes it even cooler is that adults can take their drinks right up to the side table where they can meet their kids who can be seated on the opposite side outside of the pool area enjoying a meal from the snack stand. 

  A Lot Bigger Than You Think- I’ll admit that when I first hear about an indoor water park I immediately think about how small it would probably be. Well this wasn’t the case with Aquatopia. Not only were we occupied with the rides that they currently have, it’s nice to see that their are a number of attractions that are still in the process of being made. Likewise, there is also a lot to do at the Camelback Resort other than Aquatopia. When we first made our way downstairs we saw a state of the art arcade that can only be described as a mini Dave & Busters. From there were a number of other indoor activities available such as mini golf, rock wall climbing, laser tag and a children’s play area. You can easily spend a whole weekend participating in all of the new activities in the inside of the resort.    Closing Thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised with the newest indoor waterpark in the poconos, Aqautopia. From the people I spoke to at the resort, it also really pays to stay at the resort especially if you’re considering going to the outdoor waterpark, CamelBeach. Rooms are spacious  and reasonably priced at $200 per night which includes admission to Aquatopia for the length of your stay and a one day admission to the Camelbeach waterpark. If you’d prefer to make it a day trip, however, you can purchase a combo ticket to both parks for $60 per adult. 

In the end, I think my girlfriend said it best when she said to me that she couldn’t wait to stay at the resort during the wintertime when we can snowboard at camelback mountain during the day, and go to the waterpark at night. That is when CamelBack Resort wil really have a hit on their hands!   That’s going to do it for my review of Camelback Resort’s Aquatopia but I definitely suggest you head out their this summer. If you have any questions feel free to ask and if you do end up heading to Aquatopia this summer, Id love to hear about you’re experience. 


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