The Mania of March- The Spotlight on Wrestlemania 4

WrestleMania 4:

A lot of people don’t seem to look back as fondly when it comes to  Wrestlemania 4, for whatever reason, but to me it was great for a few reasons.  First, obviously I’ve said in the past what a big fan I am of gimmick matches and these include tournaments.  To me, there was always something pretty cool about seeing a wrestler have to compete three or four times in one night especially if that wrestler was versatile like a Bret Hart or, as was in this case, a Randy Savage.  From there, I also think that in looking back at this show, it was pretty cool to see Randy Savage get the spotlight.  It was all about Hulk Hogan in late 1980s WWF and so it had to be pretty shocking to see him and Andre get eliminated early.

As a bonus gimmick match there was also a battle royal on this show and I’m a huge fan of battle royals.   I remember the first time I saw this show, which was not live as I was still just a toddler, being surprised Bret Hart made it all the way to the final two and got a chance to shine.  Bret was still a part of the Hart Foundation for a few years after this and it was rare that a tag team specialist would get a chance to shine on his own at the time.

As a bit of a personal story related to Wrestlemania 4, as many of you know, the show was four hours long (This, just like the tournament, was one of the real promotional points of the show). Since it was so long, the coliseum home video of the show featured two different video tapes to accommodate the length of the show.  One day I was at a friend’s house and I offered to trade him one of my tapes for his copy of Wrestlemania 4, we were probably about 7 years old at the time, as I had never seen Mania 4.  I had heard that there was a tournament and a battle royal on this show and thought immediately that this would be the show for me.  Well, he gave me the tape but it ended up being only the first part of Wrestlemania 4.  I never realized this until I got home and watched the show only to see the second half was missing entirely and what’s funny is I didn’t know about this until the tape abruptly shut off midway through the show.   I kept rewinding the tape and cleaning assuming that there must have been something wrong.  Where were the finals of the tournament?   I actually had my mother call his mother to tell her son he gave me a broken tape.  Suddenly my friend laughed and admitted he didn’t give me part two and was screwing me.  And you thought the Montreal Screwjob was bad? He admitted that he wanted both my tape and the only parts of Wrestlemania 4 to really mean anything, the semi finals and the finals of the tournament.  Even though this upset me a bit, I still watched the first part of that Wrestlemania dozens of times if for nothing else but the Battle Royal.

What I also remember during this time was that I got my first ever WWF board game (This may have been a year or two later but it focused a lot on the time period of Wrestlemanias 3 and 4).  It was called the Wrestlemania VCR board game and it was pretty cool.  You would move around the game board and in doing so would eventually end up on a VCR square.  You would then turn on the tape and there would be able a 30 second clip of a match.  Whoever landed on the square would get to choose which wrestler they wanted in the clip and then whichever wrestler gained the upper hand during the clip, that player would get to move space.  So let’s say it was Hulk Hogan for the red team and Randy Savage for the blue team so you pick Hulk Hogan and in the clip he hits a legdrop and gets a pinfall victory, you would move up 10 spaces.  I played this game with my poor mother at least 100 times until we eventually memorized the tape inside and out.

Well that’s going to do it for me today but be sure to check out my review of Wrestlemania 5, coming up later today.  Until then take care and please feel free to share some of your favorite moments of Wrestlemania 4!

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The Spotlight On The History of The Royal Rumble- 1988

I can’t believe that we are less than one week away from the 2016 Royal Rumble which is actually the 25th anniversary of when I started to watch WWF Pay Per Views live.  The Royal Rumble 1991 was the first pay per view I remembered ordering at the ripe old age of just four years old.  From that moment the Royal Rumble has always been my favorite WWE pay per view and I’ve always enjoyed going back and watching all of the old Rumbles.  For me, a good rumble is the one match that any non wrestling can sit back and watch while being thoroughly entertained.

With us being just a little over one week away from the Royal Rumble, i thought it might be fun to take a look back through time and review a number of the different Royal Rumbles from years past, similar to what we did here on the site with the Survivor Series.  This is going to a unique perspective on the different shows in that I may talk about some moments or some matches but i’m mainly going to review each show as I remember watching them as a fan over time.  A number of these shows I attended live and so those will obviously be longer entries but I’ll try and offer you the best coverage of each Royal Rumble and hopefully get you excited for the big show on January 24th.  Without any further ado let’s kick this off with a look back at the Royal Rumble 1988, the inaugural edition of the show.

When looking back at the first Royal Rumble, it’s important to remember that this was just a television special.  WWF decided to put the rumble up against the NWA Bunkhouse Stampede pay per view with the idea that if people could get a free show on cable, they would prefer to watch that show over a show they had to pay for.  Thus, the Rumble was much less extravagant than it is today.  The television special was actually much more centered around a Hulk Hogan/ Andre The Giant rematch for Saturday Night’s Main Event a few weeks later than it was around the actual Rumble match.  Of course the Hogan/Andre rematch would be the infamous match in Andre won the title and sold it to The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, leading to the tournament for the title at Wrestlemania 4.

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The other part of this Rumble that I always found funny was the weight lifting challenge in which Dino Bravo was attempting to break the bench press record at the time.  The challenge seemed to have gone on forever as they continued to add more weight piece by piece in 5-10 lb intervals.  Aside from that, the Royal Rumble wasn’t even the main event of the show.  Instead, it was placed in the middle of the show and a random 2 out of 3 falls match took place between the Islanders and the Young Stallions in the main event of the evening.  It was a largely forgettable main event as I couldn’t even tell you who won off the top of my head, just that it was much more about how the Islanders had stolen Matilda, the dog of the British Bulldogs, then the match itself.
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As for the Rumble match itself, the Rumble only had 20 participants as opposed to traditional 30.  The match was won by Hacksaw Jim Duggan who won…well, nothing because they hadn’t established the match being for a title shot at Wrestlemania yet.  Looking back and looking at the participants, I was surprised to see that Duggan was the guy chosen to win the match because there were bigger names in there like Jake Roberts and The Ultimate Warrior.  Speaking of Warrior, he would only last a little under 4 minutes in the match so this was very early on in his WWE tenure, perhaps before big plans were even thought of for him.  The iron man of the match, was Bret Hart who would go on to last over 25 minutes after drawing number one.
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In the end this was good to go back and watch this show for nostalgic purposes and to see how the Rumble got it’s start. When I was a kid, I was raised on the fact that the 1989 Royal Rumble event was the first one ever so I was actually a bit surprised to see this show on my Royal Rumble DVD Anthology when I purchased that in 2007.  Of course nowadays, the Rumble 1988 can be found in the on demand section of the WWE Network.
That’s going to do it for now but be sure to keep your eyes peeled as we continued to take a look back at Royal Rumbles past.